“We seek to illustrate the strength, connection, beauty and power of figures in motion – to connect with the viewer as they relate to the human body, and then transport and elevate them through abstract and mind-bending glitch aesthetics. We are inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics and the idea of thriving in a dystopia, in an age of technology and transhumanism. As a part of the artistic process, we captured photographic references of ourselves as we interact and relate as a group, altered them digitally, and are now translating the fluid dynamics of movement through repetition of forms. Our goal is to create a dynamic and empowering piece. We hope to inspire more young artists to own their personal power, band together, and create art – and to confront and abolish fear of the dark, fear of the future, and fear of the unknown.”

Four original members: Alexa Dunham, Brittney Sunquist, Lindsay Marie Iris, Rez