Ellis Elementary

In 2019, Rez was brought on board to facilitate and direct a mural at Ellis Elementary as a response to a hate crime, when some unknown person burned a swastika into the play yard blacktop. The theme of “Be Somebody, Be Yourself” was created to inspire the students to celebrate their own diversity rather than seeing it as a reason for division and hatred.

The Bridge Project Mural

The Bridge Project Mural was created in 2018. Funded by Alejandro Vera, this project enabled local youth to learn some of the techniques behind mural work, and to have a hand in making a mark on their own city. (Video by Chris Bohlin)

Denver Public Schools

From 2018 – 2020, Rez worked through the organization Apprentice of Peace, mentored by Seth Kane of the New Flesh, to bring hands-on education to elementary and middle school students of Grant Beacon, Kepner Beacon and McGlone Academy. Teaching classes titled Trade Skills and Tech Lab, Rez guided the students in learning creative and practical skill sets, such as mold-making, simple carpentry, and wood burning.

As a childcare professional, Rez absolutely loves to introduce very young kids to the wonderful world of artmaking.